1. Late fees will be added to the outstanding balance

2. NO REFUNDS are given

3. NO PHONES - Phones are to be collected/ Handed in upon entry to practice. Phones will be returned after practice is concluded.

4. Practice is CLOSED - No parents, guests or visitors are allowed in the practice area

5. NO SNACKS - snacks will be provided during practice breaks. However Stars are welcome to bring water bottles containing WATER ONLY.

6. All Stars are to FULLY participate in stretches and warm ups

7. Every Star must participate in Basic Training which includes: standard ballet and jazz techniques, transitions, production training and stage work *especially facials*

8. All Stars MUST participate in and attend promo videos, dress rehearsals and stage run throughs. These are MANDATORY.

9. All Stars must wear their practice uniform to ALL practices. Staff must have on any ABS attire.

10. Dance Shoes will be counted for during attendance. If lost, parents are REQUIRED to purchase a new pair.

11. NO JEWELRY is to be worn during practice, performances and video promos/shoots.

12. All Teens/Pre-teens must have shaven armpits and deodorant for all performances and video promos/shoots.

13. This is a NO BULLY ZONE! Here at ABS we strive to reflect kindness, respect, sharing and caring for all staff, coaches and stars.

14. NO DISRUPTIONS during practice. Only Coaches, Staff and/or Captains will be able to call the group to order.

15. A strike system will be in place should any disruptions or mal behavior occur:

       -STRIKE #1: First verbal warning

       -STRIKE #2: Second verbal warning

       -STRIKE #3: Star will be asked to have a seat

       -STRIKE #4: Phone Call to Parent

       -STRIKE #5: If above continues to occur, discussions of removal (All strikes will be recorded and uploaded to the star’s profile)


1. All participants must be checked in before entering (fever, readings, sanitize, the checklist)

2. All participants must be masked at all times unless drinking or eating

3. If your child shows any symptoms runny nose, etc) please keep them home, because we will send them back to you immediately.