Bringing joy through dance, modeling, acting, and more!

About business studios started in 2008.


Owner, Director, & Head Instructor

I've been peforming for over 33 years and coaching the performing arts for over 20 years, halfway through I decided to start my own youth organization. I am super creative, fun-loving, and love children! Building THEIR CONFIDENCE is key  for all our STARS and will always be the number 1 goal here at About Business Studios!!












Assistant Director 

I have know the Director for almost 25 years, so I allowed my daughter to join her program. My daughter has since outgrown the program but is now part of the staff. ABS is our family and always will be! I am fun but stern and I love to see our stars shine! Growing the business and making sure we create a journey for the Stars to reach the top creatively here at About Business Studios ! 



C.F.O. & Account Manager

Having 3 daughters that have outgrown ABS's program, allowed me to see the mission in buiding confidence in our youth. So bringing my area of expertise is inhancing this already amazing program! Ensuring that their accounts shine just as bright as the Stars here at About Business Studios! 


Operations Manager & Head Coach

I was in the Directors (Dora) program from the age of 10 until I out grew the program many years ago, I just love programs that cater to building and uplifting the youth, which is why my child is a current STAR here at ABS! This program aligns with the passion I have for the youth and things I want to insteal in my daughter. I do bring structure and organization and this will bring out the best in our Stars here at About Business Studios!



Creative Manager & Instructor

I bring 25 years of profesional experience as a creative performer not to mention being in one of the Directors programs 18 years ago. So our program here aligns with the passion I have for the youth and performing as a whole! Aligning my background/technique will have our Stars shinging brightly on stage and within themselves! I have a passion for creatively bringing out the best in our Stars here at About Business Studios!








Social Media Coordinator